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  • Date : 17 / 11 / 2016
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What is a Degausser

What Is A Degausser

Degaussing is the process of decreasing or eradicating an unwanted magnetic field or data that in the tape and disk media such as PCs or laptop hard disks, compact disk, reels or cassettes and cartridge tapes. When uncovered to an influential magnetic field of a degausser, it will erase the data on a tape or hard drive. Degaussing is the precise form of hard disk data erasure, as it helps as the typical technique of data destruction. Using the right degausser would assure that your info is no longer retrievable by any means.

Degaussing is a demagnetizing procedure for data erasure on a hard disk or a tape. Oersteds (Oe) or a gauss is the unit measure the degaussers. All magnetic media entails of magnetic property, known as ‘coercivity’ that is also measurable in units of Oersteds.

The Oersteds (Oe) value shows the difficulty of erasing the data. Fundamentally, higher Oe media needs robust degausser magnetic field ratings. CreateSoft IT offer chiefly three types of data destruction – these are Physical destruction, Degaussing and Software Erasure.


To recognize in what manner a degausser works and what are degaussing services in Singapore, it is important to know how hard disks, tapes, cassettes or any other magnetic media store data. Since 1920s, magnetic media has gaining popularity. Though there have been loads of changes over the years, the basic ideas stay similar.

Magnetic tape has three primary components: a metal iron-oxide powder, a binder and the third is film backing. A tape recorder works as the movement of the tape past a set of minor metal blocks, called ‘Heads,’ at a stable speed. A tape recorder comprises of both record and playback heads. These heads are specific electromagnets. When recording, the recording heads would create a magnetic field, which changes the locating of the iron-oxide powder on the outer surface of the tape into a digital recording a pattern. As a result, the playback heads read this pattern and alter it into sound, video or computer data.

Hard disk operates in an identical matter. But it main focus on reliability and fast speed. The tape is replaced for a flat, circular part of metal, known as platter that comprises an adequate coating of iron oxide or chromium dioxide. This platter rotates underneath a head called a read/write head. When minor pulses of electricity are distributed through a coil in the head, the surface of the platter turn and magnetized. Data/file is recorded using binary code, a series of 1s and 0s (using magnetic and reverse pulses, repeatedly).

A degausser erase data by producing a magnetic field so powerful that it lastingly eliminates the magnetic memory from the iron oxide or chromium dioxide coatings.


There are loads of different degausser models available in the market. It is vital to know what to look for when selecting a precise model for degaussers. Electro-magnetic degaussers produce a magnetic field when charging degaussing coil. Permanent magnet degaussers comprise one or more uncommon earth magnets and do not need electricity to operate. Degausser design differentiate through their function like mobility and capacity.



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