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  • Date : 17 / 11 / 2016
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With the passage of time, the world is progressing so rapidly. This era is known to be the fastest era with the advancement in technology. Everyone is bound to use, explore and work with technology. Almost every day there are at least 10,000+ new inventions in the field of technology.
Singapore is one of the developed countries. Also known as the four largest financial hubs in the whole world. Besides this, it is also one of the massive commercial and technology centers in the world. Starting from the lowest, information technology companies are getting an advance. Exploring and inventing new things these companies are getting famous and rich.

OPUS and Pixel IT Support

The largest technology hub in Singapore OPUS is known to work with IBM in 1997. And now they have expanded their company as it progressed. Soon, they will start providing to India and China as these two countries are getting popularity in information technology so rapidly.
Another leading IT company in Singapore, PIXEL IT SUPPORT began working in 2004 with just one fix goal to achieve that time. The goal was to provide excellent quality support services to businesses in Singapore. Right now this company has spread its business so far even among other countries. This company is known for one of the best IT services support and leading service provider in Singapore. All big agencies worked with them and are still hiring them because of their quality.
These two were the top two IT companies in Singapore which earned a high profit in a just a couple of years. They provide outsourcing services to their clients in the fixed domains. They further spread their limit of ITO services to all of the costumes providing reliable, safe, fully functional and in time work.
These companies provide support services to their customers that benefit them after sales. These services are provided a fee of cost to the costumers. Like, maintenance, update, hardware repairs as well as component inventory management. Similarly, the company enhanced its services to benefit the customer as much as they can by also providing troubleshooting, technical support as well as repair service of their product at costumer’s location.

Types of IT Services

Web and software development are the most common services provided by IT companies. With the increase in technology, the demand of software is growing day by day. Supplemental IT staffing is another major service that these companies provide.

Networking is increasing rapidly. To keep their data safe and secure, companies have been using secure networking. Network Security is major and popular service provided by these companies.

Network Backups are no less important than Network Security. Viruses are either intentionally made or sometimes mistakes from developers. As a result, viruses that can corrupt our devices or steal crucial information from our devices are created. To avoid it, virus removal services are offered by companies.

Data Recovery is another important service provided by the company.  Viruses may corrupt our devices and can result in deleting all of the important data. To get it back, people require data recovery services.




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