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  • Date : 07 / 10 / 2016
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IT Solutions


IT Solutions is an extremely expert and knowledgeable Systems Integrator with a verified track record in applying end-to-end solutions within the Communication Centre commerce and additional perpendicular market space with the use of leading market goods and applications.

Overall, an IT solution might be a product, mixture of products, services, or a combination of products and services which provided by a service provider or value added reseller known as ‘VAR’. Most of the time, an IT solution is delivered to report the customer’s specific professional problem or other requirements.

For instance, a solution provider might endorse a novel multi-processor server as the answer for a customer’s transaction handling bottleneck. Likewise, an external service provider might offer repetitive maintenance and repairing services for commercial computers. This service may be the solution for certain clients employment limitations or other services overhead.

Since 1996, we have been evolving a solutions portfolio of leading products and apps to meet our customers needs. This portfolio is continually assessed against the markets to make sure that we uphold the aptitude to deliver World-class solutions. Each IT solution is assembled from technologies obtained from partners, joint with operating and commercial mechanisms designed in-home to get benefits of the real-world technology.

IT companies in Singapore has a positive track record in delivering software solutions, expert consulting and support services in Singapore. For instance, our Enterprises level solutions comprise of Customer Interface Management, Cheque Clearance & Payment Handling Solutions, Computerized Payment Handling Solutions, Workforce Management for Back-Office & Branch Procedures in Operations.


IT companies in Singapore which provide IT solutions has also a proven track record in the growth of remittance dispensation services for main utilities and public sector associations. We were the first IT solution providing IT company Singapore to present electronic cheque imaging. IT Solutions software goes on a variety of readers sorter equipment offering full-scale ability to encounter the requirements of association with small, intermediate and big sizes.


Regardless of the profile ration of e-banking services, companies still receive an ample number of payments by cheque. Professional IT solutions can helps to reduce both charges and time of releasing these payments..

IT companies in Singapore provide IT Solutions entails of a fully outsourced lockbox services for companies that receive cheque payments from their clienteles, decreasing your charges and giving you with a more active service.


IT Solutions offer automated self-services solutions which allow clients to make payments via credit card or a debit card. This required only a user-friendly IVR self-service IT solutions that can plug into present internal payment systems that are used by your service providers. All these operating on-premise and fully hosted service.


IT Customer Engagement solutions allow to bring a truly extraordinary client experience. Efficient Customer Engagement services improve client satisfaction via self-service, aided service, and proactive solutions providing. Clients can select the communication channel whichever they prefer.

You can browse our services and learn further about how we turn website visitors into clients. Following by retaining client loyalty and progress the total client experience with Customer Engagement software. Customer Engagement Services are accessible as individual elements as well as a part of a fully integrated suite.


IT Solutions provide a variety of Digital Signage and communicating choices to address the requirements of companies.  All of these happens in real-time via an amusing visual and cooperative interface using foremost edge digital technology.



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