System Integration


1,US NSA Evaluated and Approval Degausser 2,Hard Drive Destroyer 3,Hard Disk Shredder 4,Security Bin 5,Security Cage

IT Manpower Outsourcing

We can supply IT personnel to be attached to your office to perform daily IT administrative duties and it can be customize based on the number of months, days or hours as per required by your company.

Hardware Maintenance

When your system malfunctions and it’s out of warranty, worried about whom to look for help and the cost to have it repaired?.

Software Maintenance

We not only provide technical support on hardware but also on troubleshooting of software such as the operating systems, office applications, anti-virus applications, backup programs, etc.

DC Decommissioning / Equip Relocation

Providing of manpower and transportation to relocate your IT equipments during or after office hours. Insurance coverage available.

New Boxes

Shop for latest computers,tablets and other IT hardware from various brands.



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